John Monte

John Monte is a self-taught designer with over a decade of experience, solving problems through curiosity and good design.

Working remotely from the always sunny Philippines

I’ve been in the web industry since 2004, and I've had the privilege of working for startups, businesses, and agencies trusted by a few big names. I’ve collaborated mostly on visual design and interactions, but my experience has taught me how all the digital pieces come together to form a whole.

The know-how I learned in diverse fields can be employed interchangeably. What I do is so much more than crafting code or pushing pixels around until they look pretty. I think about the big picture, the small details, the people using the product, the technology, and the business.

Looking for my designs? Shoot me an email about your project and I'll prepare a detailed portfolio with relevant work samples.

Thanks to John's redesign, our website now performs way better than before. If you get a chance to work with him, don’t miss it.
Fred, Manila PH
His knowledge, dedication and experience has no boundaries. His communication skills are impeccable. Great person to work with.
Andres, Miami FL
Absolute please to work with; very knowledgeable and puts a lot of effort into his work. Recommended to all.
Brett, Perth AU

If you want to know more, say hello or if you're a Nigerian prince who wants to send me a lot of money, feel free to get in touch.